I am the main star in my life

Before we go on, I want you to really feel the meaning of the words, “I am the main star in my life.” It’s okay to use your imagination if you have to, or even to play pretend. Close your eyes until you can see only the words, “I am the main star in my life,” in front of you. Allow yourself to try on the feeling of being the star in your life. Now picture this. You get up in the morning and already you have many things on your mind: getting the children off to school, seeing your husband off for the day, preparing to run errands, and heading to work. Everything that you are focusing on revolves around you. Nothing in your life happens without you. You initiate every action and your part of every interaction in your life. You are the entity that makes the people and situations in your world run smoothly for you. You are the center star in your life and they are revolving around you.

From their perspective, they are the center of their life and you revolve around them.

This is good inside information as you let go of expectations that people act, think or believe as you wish them to view it.  Once you accept the reality of this, you have additional choices in how you communicate with others so that your communications can be fully received.  You will also receive the communications of others differently.

You have become even more open. You are a shining Star.

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