Positive Psychology

Hot Pink Glasses“Positive Psychology” is the researched study of the healing impact of letting go (relinquishing, surrendering) “negative thinking” which includes “limiting beliefs”.  A cognitive behavioral approach is one method by which you learn (how) to choose productive and constructive thoughts which free you to see and choose constructive and productive behavior to meet your goals in: “health,” “relationships,” “work,” “finance,” “abundance” and other areas of your life.

Feelings follow thoughts. Once you choose “empowerment,” empowering thoughts, your feelings can change from negative to healthy, uplifted and creative which can translate to freedom from “depression.”

“Neuroscience” research, sometimes referred to as “Neuropsychology” research has demonstrated why the principles of Positive Psychology and the principles of a “Cognitive Behavioral” approach are effective.  It has been documented and shown that because the “brain” has “neuroplasticity,” “neuro pathways” previously and habitually set negatively, with limiting thinking and behavior can be changed.

This is done by choosing to expand self awareness, and consciously choosing new thoughts.

The “neuroplasticity” in the brain allows these repeatedly new choices to actually change the brain in a way that new habits of thinking and behavior are formed and become set as a new default setting.

Choosing positivized thoughts/feelings/actions leads to new habits of thought/feelings/behavior and feeling good overall no matter what.