Be Happy No Matter What: 5 Steps to Inner Freedom (softcover)

Be Happy No Matter What is for people who are emotionally challenged and dealing with pressures of everyday life, who race around to accomplish ever changing priorities, meeting others needs, struggling through divorce, family problems, job loss, and health issues.

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Handling Your Emotions

Emotionsbook_finalOne of the hardest things to overcome in our life is deprogramming ourselves from the practice of pushing down feelings, especially negative ones. We are taught at a young age to ‘suck it up’ or ‘don’t cry’ or even worse, ‘have a cookie’. But did you know that the true pathway to happiness is being able to accept all feelings? Both good and bad.

This book is a gentle way to access those feelings, learn how to accept them and how to move on. The feelings are dealt with and not bottled up inside festering. Once we unlock this door, magic happens. Space opens up and intrinsic happiness awaits you!

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