About the Book

Be Happy No Matter What is for people who are stressed and dealing with pressures of everyday life, who race around to accomplish ever changing priorities, meeting others needs, struggling through divorce, family problems, job loss, and health issues.

You are far more in charge of your own life and well being than you think. You own the control knob. Learn how to be in charge of your thoughts and feelings. No need to look outside yourself for others to make you happy. As you learn to reconnect with yourself, you activate your own authority, in your life.

The key to feeling better is recognition of self-worth. This can be done most effectively through reframing negativity. In Be Happy No Matter What, Ellen Seigel does just that by guiding you into openness to receive new information, and then focusing upon these Five Steps to Inner Freedom:

  • Centering in My Self
  • Appreciating Me and My Life as a Work of Art
  • Hearing My Own Inner Wisdom
  • Honoring My Self: Following My Inner Inclinations
  • Caring for My Self in New Ways

By making a change for yourself and deciding to experience enduring satisfaction, allow Ellen to walk you up to and through the doorway of your inner freedom and into happiness no matter what, despite your circumstances and life’s challenges. You can do this. Give this gift to yourself.

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Publication date: December 2012.

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Reviews of the Book

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“I am delighted to endorse your book for mental health and heath care practitioners and their clients. You have provided a meditative reading and retreat experience that guides the readers on their journey towards inner freedom. You have encouraged readers to gently explore and honor their own inner wisdom and invite them to inner freedom. The exercises are excellent in guiding a person to spaces of silence, questions and reflection.”
Carolyn Jacobs, M.S.W., Ph.D – Dean, Smith College School For Social Work

“Be Happy No Matter What is a book about self-empowerment. It speaks to the truth that, to a large degree, what we accomplish in our lives is a function of how we feel about ourselves. Ellen offers techniques to identify and change core self-concepts, to connect with our Inner Wisdom, to be fully present, to choose happiness, to be the author of our lives, and to make it a best seller. It is an easy read packed with pearls of eternal wisdom which, when applied, can’t help but improve the quality of our lives.”
Walter E. Jacobson, MD – Psychiatrist, Speaker & Author of Forgive To Win!

“I heard Ellen’s voice as I read her book, Be Happy No Matter What, it is such a beautiful sweet gift to the reader. I love how she takes the reader on an inner journey, speaking to the sub-conscious as well as conscious self, gently inspiring self-compassion as the voyage unfolds. I have to say that I couldn’t put it down. I let the words wrap around me like a warm blanket of encouragement and clarity to find my way.”
Cynthia M. Webb, MSSA, LISW-S – Clinical Social Worker, University Instructor, Trainer and Past Executive Director NASW, OH Chapter

“You are living your life every day. Why not love every minute of it as a grand story with a fabulous actor in the starring role? Allow yourself to truly see yourself through the most beautiful truth-filled vision. Why not see your life as something spectacular? Be Happy No Matter What will give you the tools you need to do just that.”
Sandra Yancey – Founder eWomenNetwork

“Be Happy No Matter What is all about really bouncing back. It’s about walking through the pain and finding the joy. It’s about using that experience that hurt the most to really accelerate from. It’s a gentle piece of work. It’s a loving piece of work. The words wrap around you like a soft fleece blanket. So if you have ever been in an experience where you needed to crawl back and then stand again, then walk again, then run again, and then soar again, I say cuddle up with this book. It will get you started on your journey.”
Lisa Nichols – Best selling author, Transformed speaker and coach, Featured in The Secret

“Be Happy No Matter What guides the reader through clearing negativity and embracing more positive, what I call Yes! Energy, in their lives, This book helps people take positive and definitive action toward reaching their big, hairy, audacious dreams.”
Loral Langemeier – Five time bestselling author and world renown speaker and coach

“Ellen, thank you for creating such a powerful work! This ground breaking style of writing provides new thoughts to try on and creates an easy and soothingly pain free way to outgrow obsolete thoughts and beliefs that have been limiting your inner freedom and blocking your path to happiness.”
Allyson Byrd – Best Selling Author and Transformational Leadership Coach

“Be Happy No Matter What carries one of my favorite qualities in a book: it is an easy read – maybe deceptively easy because it offers such deep truths and practical ready-to-use ideas in a sauntering pace. Ellen’s examples are interesting and relevant, and invite the reader to find answers to life’s challenges within.”
David Hartman, LCSW – The Wellness Institute, Author – Collecting Lessons

“People who have the power to change their thinking have the power to change their lives. Be Happy No Matter What is a great blueprint for learning to think differently about anything and everything. It’s easily readable and incredibly utilitarian; a must-read for anyone who wants to feel great and get more out of life!”
Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D. – The Wellness Forum

“I was drawn to the simple ways she set out to look at your life and then to work at achieving the inner freedom. This book is a great handbook, simple and direct, easy to read, and just a treat to guide one into relaxing, breathing, and learning to accept the beauty that exists inside you.”
Deb England, LIMHP, LPC – Wholeness Healing