Your Higher Thinking – Bring IT Front and Center

(Add years of livable time to your life)

Feeling torn between options, endless going back and forth weighing alternatives, inner conflict, not being able to decide because there are as many pros as there are cons?  You know how draining this process can be. Maybe it even keeps you awake at night.  Your reasoning process is clouded even more by your pressure to decide.

Even though you know that you have gut feelings, even intuition, you are tied up in your thoughts and even research about what to do, what to say, what to buy etc.  No matter how much you try to figure it out or calm down for it to become clear, you are still caught up in an endless loop of what to do.

What you don’t know is that your BEST CONCLUSION is readily accessible by asking yourself a simple question.

What is the higher thinking on this?

Your own Higher Thinking takes into consideration, YET SUPERCEDES, your likes and dislikes, your perhaps excessive concern for what others think, your insecurities, any co-dependent desire to rescue situations and people, your fight or flight tendencies, lack of confidence, difficulty resisting the advice of others, inability to see the forest from the trees as well as thoughts from your childhood that have not yet had a chance to mature.

Once you use these words to ask this question, “sit back” inside and then as you allow space for this new question to unfold, imagine being open to receive the answer. It may or may not come right in that moment. It might occur to you later.

You might hear the response inside yourself or you might see it on the side of truck you pass when you are on the road, or in a song on the radio, or in a line you read even though the subject you are reading has nothing to do with your dilemma.

Once you begin to practice this simple asking the question… you realize that seeking answers quickly this way frees up many hours in your day and night.

Imagine adding years of livable time to your life.

Posing the question eliminates times spent in indecisiveness and puts you into an open relaxed “awaiting an answer state of mind”  This frees your energy up to be applied by you in other ways and so you can retire the experience of feeling drained.

By the way, there’s been lots of research on the health benefits of bringing relaxation into your body and your mind.  That’s a bonus right there.

I wish you well with the process.

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