Book Ellen to Speak

ellenspeaking1As a highly experienced Transformational Guide and Morale Builder, Ellen offers:

  • Workshops and Keynotes
  • Private Family Workshops
  • Teaching Intensives
  • Private Retreats


Among the topics available (including but not limited to):

  • High Level Processing of Your Challenging/Difficult Situations
  • Let’s Talk Energy
  • Creatively Handling Negativity to Your Advantage
  • Overcoming Emotions That Hold You Back
  • Care for the Caregiver
  • Foundation for Living a Rich Life
  • How Can I Be Happy No Matter What?
  • Social Work: Courage, Hope, and Leadership – The Inner Self Care Model
  • Every Word Counts
  • Meditation & Relaxation
  • Ways to Improve Your Life
  • Building, Defining, Transforming: Social Work in the 21st Century
  • Partnering at the Speed of Change
  • Business Zen – Business Development & The Meaning of Life
  • The Metaphysics of Transition; Significant Others (How Do I Also Meet My Needs?)
  • Sensitivity Beyond the Basics: Focusing on Human Growth
  • Developmental Tasks Boost Client Self Esteem and Confidence

Please contact her to book for your next event.