Spiritual Awakening Journeys Class

Spiritual Awakening Journeys

spiritual1Shifting Your Identity from the

Smaller You to the Larger You

Co-led by Ellen Seigel LCSW ACHT and Michael Rosenbaum ACHT, MP


Awakening the “Larger You”

The purpose of Spiritual Awakening Journeys series is to initiate you in knowing yourself as the larger “Universal You”. Not just as a concept but as a direct experience!  Imagine how your life would change if you could consistently know and access that part of yourself!  Michael and Ellen have received extensive training  in many Ancient Spiritual School concepts and practices. We have both been involved with a spiritual school for the last 10 years where we have been exposed to many spiritual mysteries and processes to experience them.


Available Now for Purchase is the 5-Session Webinar Series (Recorded Live)

What you will receive:

  • Links to each Session
  • Handouts
  • A specific guided meditation related to Session Topic


Additional Bonuses:

  • 1 1/2 hour Introductory Session
  • Separate MP3 download of each Session’s meditation for your repeated use


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Webinar Session Descriptions:

Introductory Class

in this introductory class, we will go over the larger purpose of why and how things come into physical form and the evolutionary process of transforming them back into cosmic consciousness.  Life is not as simple as the physical world and the other side.  There are many different levels of self without a physical body including the astral/emotional body, mental body, Buddhic body, etc.  Our overview will include all the different levels of self that make up the soul and then the spirit (the soul and spirit are actually different levels). We will also be doing a special meditation that begins to open your awareness to the “larger you”.

We are purposely offering this class at a special discount price of $10 because we feel this information is so enriching we wanted to make it accessible to everyone.


5 class webinar series

Each of the 5 webinars will go into detail on the different levels of self covered in the introductory webinar.  Each of these webinars will have a special meditation so you can begin to experience each of these levels and cultivate your awareness of them.  This will speed up your evolutionary process and make your everyday life more rich and meaningful!  When I first learned this information and was shown how to use it, it changed everything for me and was the beginning of many amazing, personal spiritual experiences.

Nothing would make us happier than for you to have those experiences also.

  • Class #1- The physical/etheric body.  Learn about the etheric twin that lives inside the physical body and is the template from which the physical body builds itself on.   Learn how to interact with the etheric body to heal the physical body and maintain health. Learn about prana (life force) and how the etheric body is the vehicle that transmits prana and how to maximize that flow. We will end with a healing meditation working with the etheric body.
  •  Class #2- The astral/emotional body.   Learn about the different levels of the astral plane and how thought forms and emotions shape your experience in the direction of well-being or suffering. You will learn how to take stock of both negative and positive negative astral tendencies and how to move into the higher levels of the astral plane where your experience of life is amazing beyond description.  We will end with a meditation to help you do this.
  •  Class #3- The mental/noetic body.  Learn how the underlying reality of life is made up of thoughts.  The entire cosmos is often referred to in spiritual literature as the dream of God- God’s thoughts.  Learn how to use thoughts to create the reality you desire. We will end with a meditation to help you do this consistently.
  •  Class #4- The causal body- The causal body is the first level of the higher spiritual realms, where your soul resides.  Learn how to tap into this highly intuitive and expansive realm.  We will end with a meditation that transports you right into the wisdom of these lofty levels.
  •  Class #5- the Soul. The soul lives in what is called the “higher triad”.  The part of you that lives on earth is just a small part of your soul. There is a constant battle between the ego/personality and the soul.  In this class you will learn how to make peace and to cultivate your awareness of your soul.  You will learn how to recognize, listen and follow your soul’s guidance and direction.  We will end with a meditation that will allow you to be more and more infused with the energy of your soul.

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