Relaxing First

When you relax your body you are actually loosening congested energy from years of tightening up inside when something wasn’t right.

Relaxing your body also loosens up things that have been hardened within you as habits.

Relaxing first will help you with any problem you are currently trying to figure out.  It allows you to see things you are experiencing now or have experienced in the past with a clearer eye.  You will be more able and willing to see things in the situation which you may have missed because you were upset or hurrying .  You’ll have more good information for your clear thinking.

Ideally relax by sitting in a comfortable chair. Uncross your legs.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath…allowing  yourself to feel a wave of relaxation wash over you…take another deep breath…feel  tension travel down your body and out through your feet.

Once you have reached some deeper relaxation you can bring to mind something  disturbing you (present or past) to get a fresh look at it.  View it only. Nothing to do otherwise. You can now experience that moment in time without being rushed, without any expectations that you need to solve something.  Look at the scene as if you are watching a movie.  After you have played it through once, go back and play it again.  This time look around to see what’s happening that you might have missed previously.  Notice your feelings as you do this and see what new information you gather.  You are developing a new perception about what’s bothering you.  A new perception births new feelings about the original situation. You can use this technique in any situation.

Once you have become comfortable with viewing your life and the experiences you have in a relaxed state,  you can use this technique at the very moment you are having a trouble producing experience.  For instance, let’s say you are in the middle of a situation that isn’t going the way you believe it should….stop…take a full  breath to slow the situation down so that you can see more of what’s going on and you may choose to change the direction of your part.

Practice relaxing and feel a new level of confidence in facing difficult situations.

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