Procrastination: A New View

Years of procrastinating and downing myself for it.

Whether you believe it or not… you (and I) were distracted by anything and maybe everything else.

Each of those distractions were worthy of their own appreciation, who knew?  That busy work had something of value or it would not have needed to move along or get done.  Perhaps an overall lesson for you to grow on, leading to magnificent self appreciation.

For me I made all of  those so called “distractions” a higher priority than what I thought I “should” be doing at the time.

There’s a clue here that there was something wrong with my thinking.  That is that “shoulds” are like “shi___ing” on oneself.  (Sorry about the yucky language).

Every time you say (or hear in your head) the word should, replace it with “COULD.”  That gives you room to consciously decide  in the  moment what has the most priority energy for your attention.

The truth is I/You are the  decision maker whether we make decisions unconsciously or consciously (consciously is preferable).

I realized today that all those times I was procrastinating… I was  stopping to “smell the roses” I was busy  smelling  the  roses… actually  every rose.  I was breathing in the fragrance of each rose and loving every minute of it.

Old self judgment says I didn’t care about the other things I could have been doing as if smelling the roses was a “bad” choice.

Since we only see what we focus on… I was giving those distractions (the roses) my focus.  Plain and simple.

(That self judgment voice is so irrelevant… see it floating away from you.)

Something NEW, an add on  ?

I just now discovered a new aspect of happiness.

You can smell the roses, EVERY Rose (if you so choose) and also focus your attention wherever else you  want to apply it.  No energy is  lost.

I’ve had a hunch that we are multidimensional beings in many parallel processes at one time.  I  now see it that we are able to smell the roses and also focus our attention and energy in other ways at the same time from right here in these physical  bodies as well.

I’m so excited… WOW new possibilities are being revealed.

Enjoy Yours.

Read this a few times and then contemplate what comes up for you.

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