Centering in Myself


The first step to centering yourself is realizing that you are at the center of your life, the central star of your life epic.  You are the sun in your universe. Your life really does “revolve” around you. The only person looking through your eyes is you!  It doesn’t matter how much you do for others or how much you don’t do for yourself.  It all still begins with you.  If your life were a movie you would be the star, not your partner, children, parents, boss or any of the other people that need you.

So stop for a minute and imagine yourself as a star.  Close your eyes and picture a scene with you as the central figure.  What does that look like? What does it feel like? No other person in your life can see things through your central perspective.  No one can have the same experiences that you have. These are facts.

You can read in the book, Be Happy No Matter What, about how you can at any time in your life in any experience you are having; stop; take a breath and decide right in the middle of what you are doing and experiencing to change how you are playing the scene.  Perhaps choosing different lines, than you usually would choose.  You can change the outcome of any situation just by understanding that you can.  Just by allowing yourself to see things differently, or choose different lines.

This is also true of situations that haven’t yet occurred.  When you get up in the morning think through the things you need to do this day.  You have a doctor’s appointment, you need to take the children to school, to dance and soccer or you have a meeting at work.  Now imagine yourself in each of these situations and write the script.

Allowing yourself to view yourself as the star in your life will give you the freedom and power to create a life full of happiness, no matter what!

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